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So why IS your machine slow? Or maybe not even starting up? Let’s face it – computers today often play a huge part in our daily lives. From keeping up with your business after hours (and sometimes throughout the day) to keeping up with all of your Facebook friends. Kids needing computers for schoolwork or papers. Finding products,companies and services. It’s a problem when PCs go down. Usually a BIG one.  At Lizardwebs, we are all about fixing your PCs right the first time. From hard drives to software glitches, we see problems and GET them straightened out for you onsite every day – usually the SAME DAY you call.

Providing the following Triangle PC technical services:

  • Desktops repaired and serviced
  • Laptop repair services
  • Laptop screen repairs including broken or cracked LCD screens
  • Fix “running slowly” issues
  • Desktop/Laptop won’t turn on / won’t boot
  • Upgrading Windows PCs
  • Fix Blue screen problems
  • Hard drive thrashing / hard drive runs continually
  • Fix PC lockups / hangs / not responsive
  • Shuts off without warning
  • Fixing “hard drive not found” errors
  • Data transfer to new machine
  • Graphics cards and Video problems
  • Software programs not launching, not launching properly
  • Odd sounds – whining, clicking, etc
  • Not cooling properly or running hot – shutting down unexpectedly
  • Can’t get to internet / network problems
  • Virus Removal Services
  • Remove spyware, remove adware, remove “ransomware”
  • Internet browser going everywhere – except where YOU want
  • Get rid of popups / stop popups
  • Troubleshoot software problems
  • We fix “It’s just not running right”

Immediate On Site PC Repairs

If your desktop, laptop or notebooks are just not acting the way you think they should, give Lizardwebs a call. We’ll be glad to have an experienced local PC repair technician look at your units, let you know what we can do to help you and, in most cases, get it fixed RIGHT ON THE SPOT.

Raleigh Triangle Service Areas

Sure we cover the Raleigh area, but even better, we are throughout the RDU Triangle area – same great services and same great pricing! Find out more –

Need Tech Support NOW?

Lizardwebs offers onsite mobile service direct to your home or business. If your Windows machine won’t start, it starts and dies, or just is a pain to use – we can be onsite for you fast and get you up and running again. If your machines are  giving you problems getting on the internet – going to the wrong pages or maybe not even connecting to your home or business wireless network – we can help fast.  In some cases, we can even provide online repairing. Whatever the problem with your PCs, we’ve got the service that you can COUNT on to get you running right again.

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Business Hours or After – Same Price

We can provide regular business hours support, or if YOUR schedule requires us to work with your problem after hours or on weekends, you just let us know! We are available when you need us – period – at no extra charge. Our skilled and certified PC technicians will be there to service your laptop, desktop or notebook at your site the same day – usually within an hour or two!  (Within reason of course – calling us before noon usually ensures that we will be able to resolve your service issue the same day!)  In many cases though, even contacting us throughout the afternoon, we can provide on the fly service for your ailing desktop or laptop the same day!

Honest answers and serious repairs

We take our work seriously and will always give you the best answer as we see it. Sometimes it won’t be the answer you want. Honestly, it’s more expensive to actually fix a machine – particularly computers that are in the 5 years old or more range – than it is to just buy a new machine. But we’ll tell you right off the bat.

When the PC is down, work stops!

Quickbooks isn’t available, can’t get billing out, can’t get to all the email contacts – when a computer goes down, the world just isn’t right.  Call Lizardwebs for tech support when you need it. If we aren’t available to answer, leave us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Tech Support when you NEED it!

Lizardwebs is available when you need us – including nights or weekends. Granted, we do try to keep reasonable business hours – so call us between 8:30 am and 5:30 pm Monday through Friday when you can, but when it’s a crisis – we understand.  We’re a small business ourselves and yes, we occasionally DO run into our OWN pc problems that we need to straighten out before we can get back to work.  We know what you’re going through.

PC tech support on nights and weekends

We do try to keep a life like everyone else, but we realize that people need tech support after hours and on weekends. When you need that kind of service, just let us know when you call and we’ll get you scheduled in to fit your schedule.  We are available on holidays as well, but there will usually be a surcharge to come out – think of Christmas Eve and the like.

Remote Tech Support

We offer remote tech support to customers anywhere.  Whenever there is a problem, particularly when you’re a current customer and we already know your unit, we are more than happy under CERTAIN circumstances to hop into your PC remotely and help you get through little issues. NOT all problems can be handled this way, but if it is possible, we’ll let you know.

Our Guarantee To You

When we fix your machine, we want you to be 100% happy.  If you’re not, or the problem rears up again after we’ve gone – we want to hear from you!  We’d LOVE to say we’ve never missed anything – but we’d be telling a story.  When you’ve fixed hundreds (probably in the thousands after all these years) of units for all types of problems, something DOES get overlooked or just not even seen until later.  We make EVERY effort to get things perfect with your machine when we work on it, but if there is some bug hiding deep down in the machine that doesn’t make itself known until later?  We want to get it right.  Just contact us and we’ll schedule a follow-up visit!

If it’s our mistake, there is absolutely NO COST to you for this kind of followup.  If you’ve told us you’ve got viruses – and we miss one – that is OUR failure and WE’LL make it right. Now, if you spilled a cup of coffee on your laptop the next morning – that’s a new problem.  Or if your favorite teen decided, now that everything is working good again, to go on an MP3 downloading junket and got a new virus – that’s a new problem too.  BUT, if we miss it initially, we take care of it!  That’s OUR guarantee to YOU.

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Dec 03, 2014 by irene Sidoti

Wow What service I got and just moved down here from up North. I had no idea of who to call and I was glad I found Lizardwebs and spoke to Eric and to have Troy come out and fix my computer . He was great and kind man to give me information on Clayton. Thank you Guys

Response: So glad we could help you Irene! We appreciate the kind words and hope you enjoy your new home here in Clayton!!

Thank you so much for sending

Oct 30, 2013 by Lisa Da Fonte

Hello Eric,
Thank you so much for sending Troy to fix my computer.He is just such a nice man and he did such a great job.Now i'm very happy and enjoying my laptop,again.

Best regards,


He did an EXCELLENT job!

Oct 30, 2013 by Yvonne S

Thanks for the invoice for my records. Just wanted to let you know that I gave Troy my check today when he was here.

He did an EXCELLENT job! We have decided to purchase a new desktop to alleviate a lot of headache with trying
to clean our current one up, since our unit is so very old. It may be a little while, but as soon as we have the new
desktop in-house, we will give you another call to have it set up properly. Also, as I mentioned to Troy, I plan to
be a long-term customer, having your company do annual check-ups on my equipment.

Sincerely - Very Satisfied Customer,
Yvonne S

Lizardwebs Computer Repair - Raleigh NC 919-404-9327 120 E Main St #2 Clayton NC, 27520 USA 5.0 5.0 3 3 Wow What service I got and just moved down here from up North. I had no idea of who to call and I was glad I found Lizardwebs and spoke to Eric and to have Troy come out and fix

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