computer repair clayton nc

Computer Repair Clayton NC

Computer Repair Clayton NC

If you want a good local Clayton PC repair company, Lizardwebs is the company to call for local services!  Lizardwebs honestly spends most of it’s time with our Clayton PC customers.  From small businesses up and down Main Street in Downtown Clayton and up and down Hwy 70, we’ve usually close by. Home users – we’ve got you covered too! Anywhere in the area out to the Riverwoods area too – actually we cover the whole Raleigh Triangle area. We usually have a service tech close by whenever you call.

Lizardwebs offers a variety of repair service options to fit your needs. We provide many of our PC repair services on-site for your convenience. We also offer drop off service right in the Downtown Clayton area.  It usually is easier (and more beneficial) to see your desktop or laptop/notebook in action at your business or home. Many times, devices will run great on the computer repair service bench. The customer then takes them home – and service issues come up.  Bad keyboards, loose cables, odd network setups, poor wireless network connections.  The reasons for poor PC performance can be many – and while the machine worked great in OUR environment, it chokes in yours – and in YOUR home or business is where it counts!  So, it’s a lot easier all the way around if we just come to directly to your home or business to provide services 90% of the time.

Remove Computer Virus Clayton NC

Lizardwebs Clayton PC Repair services focuses on:

  • Fix your immediate PC problem – whatever caused you to call us – THAT is first priority
  • Do a quick check for specific virus issues – if we find any, we start removing them fast! If you don’t HAVE any antivirus program, we will INSTALL ANTIVIRUS SOFTWARE for you for FREE!
  • Check through the PC registry to help prevent and resolve any other issues
  • Update your Microsoft Windows Operating System including Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7
  • Update any hardware drivers in your PC that have updates available
  • Update your software such as Microsoft Office, Adobe Readers, Sun Java, and more
  • Defragment your hard drive when we’re all done with everything else

Lizardwebs Remote Support Services

If you would like the security of knowing that we can be helping you with your problem computers or questions anytime you need us, or if you have a small office with a number of PCs – desktops, laptops, notebooks, or tablets, talk to us about our remote support services and applications!

Computer Virus on your computer?

If you have a truly nasty PC virus – it might be best to let us take it with us! Scanning your PC for all the viruses does take hours and what we really “sell” is our time. If we can put your virused up PC laptop or desktop on our bench, we can start virus scanning and let it go while we do other things – and we can cap your services cost!  If we have to sit there and watch your computer scan?  It can add up quickly – and besides, we get bored easily watching the virus files come and go :)  Read more here at Remove Computer Virus Clayton.

You should always make sure that you have an anti-virus program installed on your machine. We do know of some people that pride themselves on NOT having any sort of anti-virus installed and supposedly have never gotten a virus. While this sounds all macho, if you are any type of active on the internet, you are just screaming, “INFECT ME!” We see “drive-by” malware downloads often – VERY often in our own internet travels and even from very well-respected websites. IF you don’t have active antivirus protection services when we work on your PC, you WILL have FREE anti-virus protection when we’re done. No antivirus software stops everything – it just doesn’t – but personally we’d rather know that 98% of viruses WILL be stopped than leaving your computer wide open for everything.

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Located in the Raleigh Triangle area? Have a look at our on location Triangle Laptop PC services. Residing in Raleigh? Read more about our on location Raleigh PC Computer repair!

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