computer repair knightdale nc

Computer Repair Knightdale NC

Computer Repair Knightdale NC

Do you need your Knightdale PC repaired NOW?

Lizardwebs provides local on-site repair for home and business computers FAST!  Laptop or desktop, we’ve got you covered.  We have pickup/drop-off service for larger repair issues like PC virus removal, hardware repairs like hard drive replacements, motherboard replacements and more.

On the Spot In Home / Business Repairs in Knightdale!

Many repairs can be done right on the spot without having to even unplug your desktop PC!  From applications not launching properly, slow PC issues, memory upgrades,  setup email and more, we can resolve most PC problems ON THE SPOT!

Lizardwebs can perform PC repairs either as an onsite desktop/laptop repair in Knightdale at your home or place of business, or do the work off premises with free pickup/dropoff service for all PC repairs – and we do all the unhooking and hooking back up for you – no crawling around under your desk! We fix your computers the right way the first time!

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Desktop/Laptop PC Repairs Knightdale

Standard PC Repairs in Knightdale

Our Knightdale Standard PC service focuses on:

  • Fix PC errors of all types
  • Laptop computers / Desktop computers
  • Clean up all the trash that has accumulated on your PC
  • Scan for and remove computer virus and malware. If any traces are found, then we aggressively will go after them as in our virus repair Knightdale page!
  • Fix registry errors that cause small but annoying issues (or even LARGE and annoying issues)
  • Apply all software updates including Windows updates (OS Updates), helper app updates (Adobe Acrobat, Shockwave, Flash, Java, etc)
  • Update drivers where needed
  • Check for valid antivirus programs and install FREE antivirus if needed
  • Remove trash programs that you don’t use
  • Clean hard drive
  • Optimize startup programs for faster startup
  • Defragment hard drive

Repair Slow Computers in Knightdale NC

Many times we get called not for a specific problem, but just because a PC is running slow.  We know about slow machines.  After even general usage, your hard drive can become cluttered with temp files, files that the operating system just doesn’t need to be dealing with, trash files left over from software installs and uninstalls and more.  We remove those kinds of things and then optimize the rest of your PC settings.

We are done ONLY when your desktop or laptop is in TIP top shape!

When you get your Knightdale computer services done by Lizardwebs, either as an on-site repair or in our repair shop, when you get your machine back (or when we leave) – it will be running in tip-top shape!  Now, if you HAVE an old beat-up 10 year old machine, we can only do so much.  Newer PCs that are only a year or two old are obviously going to run a lot faster.  Some people think of computers as toasters – and toasters really haven’t changed in YEARS.  Computers, on the other hand, change quickly. If you want to be running current software, it’s possible that your old Windows XP computer may run it, but it SURE won’t do it fast.  And now that support for that old XP operating system has been discontinued by Microsoft, it’s really only a matter of time before you will HAVE to upgrade your PC.  In almost all cases, we would recommend that update by the beginning of 2015 at the latest.  We’re big fans of Windows 7 still – Windows 8? Not so much.


Time for PC Upgrades

Yes, if you ARE running XP in 2014, it’s DEFINITELY time to think about upgrading your computer to a newer OS. The world is not ending because support has ended from Microsoft and your machine will still boot up tomorrow, but… As time goes along, that old Windows XP machine is going to be able to do less and less that you want it to do. More importantly, antivirus software will phase out support for it leaving you ever more vulnerable to virus attacks. In most cases, if your desktop, laptop, or notebook is the 5+ year old range, it’s time to think about upgrading.  The corporate standard upgrade cycle actually is 3 year replacement just to put it in perspective.

We promise to let you KNOW if we think your computer would be better replaced than repaired.  Many times the cost of replacing a computer these days is not much different than an extensive computer repair.   If we think you really DO need a new computer, we’ll let you know before you spend a bunch of money on PC repairs. Our focus IS the customer (even when it doesn’t make us as much money as keeping our mouth shut). We treat our computer repair customers the way we feel we would want be treated.

Fast, Friendly, Knowledgeable Tech Support!

Lizardwebs Computer Services provides repair for customers in Knightdale and  throughout the Triangle area. With much of our repair work being on-site Knightdale repair services, we usually aren’t too far away whenever you call.  Most repairs are made the same day unless there is a larger problem involved.  We are available to provide you fast repair service anywhere in the Raleigh Triangle area quickly.

Immediate PC Repairs Knightdale

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