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Hard drive repair / Data Recovery in Raleigh

Hard drive repairs – computer repair raleigh services

Most Raleigh computer repairs are scheduled and handled THE SAME DAY – usually within hours. Fast service gets you up and running now.

We come right to you – for LESS than you can unplug, bundle up and drag your computer off to other computer stores for and wait a few days or more to get fixed – and a whole LOT less hassle. Did we mention the “same day repairs” thing??

Experienced technicians that will be square with you. If you’re going to be throwing good money for bad, ie. wasting money to fix a really BAD computer, we’ll tell you. We treat you like we would want to be treated.

Flexible scheduling – We try to schedule most appointments during business hours. If you’re not available during regular business hours? No problem. We work with YOUR schedule to get you up and running fast – appointments can be scheduled nights or weekends when needed!

Same day onsite computer repair Raleigh

Lizardwebs handles these and other onsite repairs for computers:

  • Desktop repairs
  • Laptop/Notebook Repairs
  • Repairing dead computers
  • Blue screening
  • Keeps rebooting
  • Hard drive thrash
  • Machine hangs going into Windows
  • Video problems
  • Cracked LCD laptop screens
  • Fix slow PC
  • Registry errors
  • Removing Malware, Spyware and Viruses
  • Applications not launching
  • Web browsers going to odd places
  • Popups/Spyware/Viruses
  • Shuts down unexpectedly
  • PCs lock up
  • Whirring/whining sounds
  • Replace hard drives
  • Repair Hard drive failures
  • Replace power supply
  • Troubleshoot problems

With Raleigh PC repair technicians throughout the Triangle area, we can be in front of your repair problem FAST! We will QUICKLY resolve your issue.  Servicing all types of PCs – Dell, Gateway, HP and more, we provide fast PC repair service anywhere in the Triangle area. We can do your Raleigh computer repairs on-site or take it back to the shop with us. Either way – you’re going to save a LOT of money over our “big box” competitors!  If you’re looking for a solution for your Windows problems, Lizardwebs is THE company to call!

Same Day Raleigh Computer Repairs

We Get BACK Your PC Performance

If we fix your PC, it’s going to be running as well as it possibly can! We admittedly can’t make a 10 year old PC as fast as your neighbor’s new desktop or laptop. But you WILL get back the best performance that can be coaxed out of your desktop or laptop! Let Lizardwebs fix your machine and show you how good it REALLY is with a great computer repair Raleigh onsite tuneup! If we think you really DO need a new machine, we’ll let you know before you spend a bunch of money on PC repairs. We would rather help you transfer your old data to a new desktop and be happy with it than repair your machine and you STILL end up with an old, slow PC! We treat our customers the way we feel we should be treated.

Saving Your Data

One big thing we hear a lot from people is the fear that if they can’t boot their computers that they won’t be able to get to all those important documents, pictures (PARTICULARLY their pictures), music and more that has been accumulating for years.  To put your minds at rest if you are reading this: 99% of the time, all of your data is safe.  Just because a unit won’t boot does NOT mean that your “stuff” is gone.

There are a number of files that Windows needs to boot. They need to be where your Microsoft Windows PC is expecting to find them. They need to be the specific files that your operating system is expecting to find. If those conditions are not met, your computer will likely not boot.  And that USUALLY has absolutely nothing to do with all your images or data. Other reasons for a non-bootable laptop or desktop CAN include: bad motherboard (usually no implications for your hard disk), bad memory, power issues, heating issues.  There are a lot of things that make PCs unbootable.

The ONLY time you likely SHOULD be worrying is if you are hearing grating noises coming from your machine – which *can* be a hard drive rubbing the read/write head on something it shouldn’t be.  It also can be a fan going bad in your power supply, on your CPU, or just a case fan.  Unfortunately, you can’t always diagnose this kind of stuff until you crack open the case and start poking around.  There is another sound called “the tick of death” which is exactly what it sounds like – a ticking sound at usually 1-2 second intervals coming from your computer hard drive area.  That is your hard drive control mechanism trying to engage – unsuccessfully.  Even with this kind of problem, in MOST cases, your data is recoverable – it’s just pricey.  Find out more on our data recovery page.


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