What if I have pirate software?

Ugh.  A lot of times when we do computer repair for customers, we end up needing the install disks. Legal ones.

IF you’ve got some “pirate software” on there – your buddy loaded it for you, you downloaded a file from the internet from a “less than reputable source”, you have used crack programs, you have a stolen id that you’ve entered, etc – it may NOT be possible to reinstall that software for you.  It very well may be broken in the process of repairing things like computer virus damage, reinstalling the operating system, transferring to a new computer, or some other normal operation.

Hacked / Pirated Operating Systems

This can be PARTICULARLY problematic when we discover that you have a hack OS installed.  For example, you HAD XP, and your buddy “upgraded” you FREE to Windows 7  or Windows 8 with a hack copy for which you do NOT have the license.  If your operating system gets damaged either by a virus (or other means – hard drive failure, disk corruption, user action, etc), and we need to do a reinstall,  the “free” (pirate) copy of the OS that you had hacked onto your computer is NOT included free of charge. IF you have a hack copy of the OS, you will need to purchase a proper license key/copy of that software in order for the repair to be finished.

We Don’t Provide Pirate Software, Hacked Software, or Fake license keys

We do not care that your hack copy worked BEFORE the virus blew up your computer – it’s hack and we are not going to rehack your computer OS.  Your responsibility.  Now if we don’t have to get INTO that part, we don’t really care.  Just don’t give us the line about “It worked perfectly fine before I brought it to you – except for the virus which made it unbootable… and I expect it back the same way” when you’ve got pirate software on there. Ain’t going to happen until we get a legal copy or are authorized to purchase a legal copy on your behalf – which will be added to the cost of the repair.

My (Pirate) software no longer works! It’s YOUR fault!

We are NOT responsible should you have pirate software and it no longer works for you after getting us (or any OTHER computer repair company for that matter) to work on your computer.  We always reinstall any software that you have on the computer (the best we can discern) whenever needed to make the PC run the way you expect it to.  So if you have your Microsoft Office all setup there, we work on it and a virus has damaged your installation, we can reinstall that Office suite lickety split – IF we can get our hands on that disk AND you have a real license key.

Let’s repeat that one more time – if you don’t have a legal license key and install disks, we cannot be responsible for installing the software.  It sounds harsh, but people would be amazed at some of the PCs that have come through the door loaded with pirate software and then get an earful because their hack copy of <name your $1000 professional grade hacked software program program that you downloaded with uTorrent> no longer works.

And No, we will NOT rehack your OS or any other software for you

No, we will NOT rehack your copy of anything for you.  If you wish to reinstall some pirate stuff after we give you your computer back, we have NO interest in being the software police, it’s just that we aren’t going to do it for you or be responsible.  As well, we do NOT provide “free” copies of any software other than that which is already free.  We don’t have spare copies of operating systems, MS Office, Photoshop or any of that laying around.

Yes, we STILL expect payment

Now, if we go through all the work to get your computer running again, and you have hack program XYZ and that can NOT be reinstalled, we STILL expect payment. Our time is the only thing we have, and your choice to use pirate software will not be grounds for non-payment. We’ve spent the time to do the job and we will still expect payment. 

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